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Hair Update

on September 9, 2011

I guess if I mean for this to be a blogging comeback, I should maybe perhaps blog a little bit more, yeah?


So I’m now almost two months into this whole no shampoo business and it seems to be working. I have had a few weeks where I notice the grease factor a little bit more than I’d like, but honestly, it was no more than when I *was* using shampoo. I am finding that adding the apple cider vinegar rinse to the baking soda cleanse helps keep it softer.

Sadly, my side by side pictures? Not showing much of a difference. Oh well. Can’t hurt to keep it up. It’s certainly not harming me to do it.


One response to “Hair Update

  1. I think it looks better, noticeably. And hey, if YOU are happier with it, bonus! (you also look sleeker in the bottom photo….good job on that.)

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