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My Life Is Full Without You

on December 8, 2011

There’s a girl I used to work with, her name is Mandi, and she is amazing. She’s hilarious and smart and a smart-ass and did I mention she’s funny? She was also completely and totally insulted when I left my previous place of employment (left her, in other words) to go to my current position. She was my work-wife and we worked better side by side, we laughed a lot and we sometimes got into occasional trouble, too.

Now we text back and forth all of the time and Mandi calls me her ex-work-wife mistress, but still threatens to divorce me (can you divorce your mistress??) if I don’t maintain contact.

The following is a text message exchange we had the other day.

Mandi: Hey how’s it going?

Me: My life is full without you.

Mandi: Woah.. Um.. so I don’t fit in your life anymore?

Me: Hahaha! What a horrible auto-correct! It was supposed to say dull!
Me: And I’m driving so I wasn’t able to look that closely! (disclaimer: I only answer/read texts at red lights. Not while actually moving.)

Mandi: I as hoping that was wrong! We still on for Sunday?

Me: Oh so wrong. And so bitchy! My phone is a bitch!
Me: The one time I hope to hot red lights so I can answer you and I’m not getting them!

Mandi: You hope to hot red lights. Lol, just drive. Msg me later.


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