Comes With Sprinkles

Because everything is better with sprinkles


Random Facts About Me (t0 be updated continually)

1) I love lists and organizational things. I like kids toys sorted by type and my books alphabetized. My desk at work is insanely organized. And yet, my house is a mess.

2) I love the idea of having my picture taken, but I am annoyingly un-photogenic. And no, I’m not just saying that. Only a thin sliver of what remains of my pride prevents me from providing evidence.

3) I fidget. Especially if I’m wearing a necklace. I’m constantly twirling it on the chain, rubbing my fingers on it like it’s the bead of a rosary or something.

4) I am obsessed with paper. I hate throwing paper away so I wind up with piles of scrap paper bigger than I could ever use in my lifetime… and they just get bigger.

5) I love bingo. Why yes, I am under the age of 80. I have always loved it and probably always will. Bingo Blitz on Facebook is awesome and is my current crack.

6) I like my french fries dipped in mustard. Or sweet ‘n’ sour sauce at McDonald’s. Or ranch. Pretty much anything except ketchup.


One response to “About

  1. I think we need a bio and a picture. Ok, just a picture. Because we like to see the glory.

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