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Hair Update

I guess if I mean for this to be a blogging comeback, I should maybe perhaps blog a little bit more, yeah?


So I’m now almost two months into this whole no shampoo business and it seems to be working. I have had a few weeks where I notice the grease factor a little bit more than I’d like, but honestly, it was no more than when I *was* using shampoo. I am finding that adding the apple cider vinegar rinse to the baking soda cleanse helps keep it softer.

Sadly, my side by side pictures? Not showing much of a difference. Oh well. Can’t hurt to keep it up. It’s certainly not harming me to do it.

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My hair has long been a source of consternation for me.

When I was younger, I didn’t appreciate how amazing the thickness of it was. I would instead bitch and moan  about how a simple haircut for me took three hours when a full perm for my younger sister took one. I would gripe about how I couldn’t wear it down without a blow-dryer and a flat-iron and several hours of work taming it.

Pardon the underage drinking in the above photo. Ahem. Focus on the hair. 

That’s a bit more lady-like. But holy cha-cha – look at all that hair!

Through the years, my hair has stopped looking like that. I guess I can’t even say that it happened over years because it happened actually very quickly. One day I had beautiful thick hair that drove me batty with its frizz and its inability to stay in place and then whammo. I got pregnant. It thickened up even more, as is typical in pregnancy and then four-months post-Ana, as is also typical, it fell out. Except it kept falling out. And more and more and more until I couldn’t keep it long anymore because the ends wound up looking so awfully ratty.

Now my hair is just thin and limp and gross. I never wear it down anymore because even after fluffing it up with a blow-dryer, I have zero volume. It still frizzes, but now you can see air between all the frizzed out strands because there isn’t enough hair there anymore. I am crushed. I’ve even been advised against bangs by hairdressers because IT’S TOO THIN. I miss having nice hair. I wish I hadn’t hated it so much when I had it.

Look at that hair. Ew. 

The entire purpose of this post is to mention that a few days ago Nathan tweeted a link to an article about going shampoo-less (I refuse to use the phrase no’poo because I find it annoying and disgusting). I had heard of people doing this before, but always shrugged it off. In my past, my biggest hair problem has been dryness- not grease. Not so much anymore. At this point? I’ll try anything. I’ve tried product after product. I want hair again. Nice, thick, hair. My new project is trying out the no shampoo thing. I’ll wash with baking soda and rinse with apple vinegar so don’t fear, my hair won’t be completely disgustingly dirty. I’ll post pictures every few weeks to update and to see if there’s actually any change. So without further ado?

Day One. 

With no shampoo.